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  1. Does anyone know who is responsible for the upkeep of the paths that go from the bottom of Mill Lane to Drayton, coming out at Sutton Wick and Drayton itself respectively, depending whether you go closer to the A34 bridge? My wife and I have used them for years to enjoy the countryside and keep fit, but over the last few years they have been allowed to get overgrown, particularly with brambles which stretch from one side to another. We have both had potentially nasty falls in the last few weeks and are thinking about giving up our walking. Is it the county council or the farmers who are responsible for keeping these paths in good condition?

  2. Hi Mike

    I've also noticed this too as I often walk that way. Just looked this up. Seems the bit you mention is a mixture of Byways, Bridleways and Restricted Byways as seen here on this link

    It's Oxfordshire County Council that is responsible for them and you can contact them here at

    Alternatively you can contact the Ramblers Association and report the problem here, and they'll forward it on:

  3. Seems the links aren't 'live', so just copy and paste them.