The next meetings will be at 8pm on Monday 8th July and 'provisionally' Tuesday 6th August at the Stonewater Common Room. All residents welcome (but please let us know ahead of the date if you're coming)!!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Gardening - Summer 2016

Martin Gulliver writes - What you do this summer depends very much on the weather - it would be nice to sit back and enjoy the garden, but being British we know that rain and sun will combine and the garden will burgeon, so...
  • Keep on top of weeding and deadheading.  With the latter, as a general rule cut back to a lower bud(s)
  • Trim the lawn regularly – little and often is best. If we get a hot spell and it goes brown, don’t worry – it will recover.
  • Sow more salad crops if you are that way inclined...a few seeds once a fortnight will ensure a regular supply.
  • If you have a greenhouse, keep it well ventilated. Water the floor in the mornings to keep the air humid and prevent red spider mite. 
  • Keep containers well watered, especially hanging baskets.  In holiday time bring them all into the shade while you are away – they will survive with one or two watering in the week.
As perennials flower and fade, cut them back hard and you should get a second flush of growth.  Herbs can also be trimmed to keep them tidy, and the trimmings can be dried or frozen for future use.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Good Neighbours Scheme

The North East Abingdon Good Neighbours Scheme now covers the whole of Abingdon and they are always looking for new volunteers to offer help and support to elderly, vulnerable and isolated people in their own homes.  Tasks include shopping, gardening, collecting prescriptions, light housework and befriending. If you can offer any amount of time from an hour a week upwards, your help will be very welcome. to find out more, call 07956 019611 or email  You can also visit the Good Neighbours website at