Saturday 2 December 2023

Military Grave Restorer ... by Peter Brown (taken from the TFLRA Winter Newsletter 2023)

I was in the Army with Steve Davies who is the Military Grave Restorer, and after seeing the work he does, see his website at: I was inspired to set up an Oxfordshire Group.  When I unfortunately lost my mother and was at the church to arrange the funeral, I asked the Vicar if he had any military graves, to which he said yes, and showed me 15 Crimean crosses that were covered with weed.


During the hard gardening task of cleaning these, we came across syringes, old bottles and even an animal skull, but the crosses can now be seen and read, and we will be returning to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  You might recognise residents Jules and Denise who are veterans and help veteran’s organisations all over the country.


Our second task was at Spring Road Cemetery where I was joined by the Military Grave Restorer Steve along with other veterans including Terry.  We were shown how to clean Marble graves and cleaned 6 graves including two old Lord Majors of Oxford.  We use washing up liquid and water to scrub the lichen off, then we use an environmentally friendly chemical to get the rest off, leaving them clean, and then spray them to keep them from getting dirty again for a while.


All the labour is voluntary - we do have a Just Giving page to help pay for tools and chemicals used, so if anyone would like to donate towards this please see this link:

Sunday 5 November 2023

Next Meeting and AGM

The next meeting and AGM will be held on Tuesday 7th November at 7.30pm in the Stonewater flats Common Room, Bridges Close.

Tuesday 14 March 2023

TFLRA Meetings

We have recently welcomed another resident to our meetings - do let us know if you're a resident and would like to come along too.  We usually meet every month on either a Monday or Tuesday evening at 7.30pm in the common room of the Jephson Flats off Bridges Close.  Not everybody can come to each meeting, but there are usually between seven and twelve of us from all over Tithe Farm and Ladygrove.  We talk about our next newsletter and what has been happening and may happen around our estates, as well as events in wider Abingdon.  If you would like to know more, contact us on either the email address or telephone number at the end of this newsletter (dates of meetings are normally agreed a few weeks beforehand).


The Spring 2023 newsletter covered the articles listed below - if you'd like to read more of them on the paper copy, please go to our Contact page at and let us know.

  • Abingdon’s Repair Cafe
  • Voter Identification
  • Who Else Remembers?
  • Some History of Preston Road Community Centre
  • More About Preston Road Community Centre
  • Spring Quiz
  • Gardening in Challenging Weather
  • Plant Swap
  • Ock Bridge and the Chaunterell / Tesco Path
  • Helping Hegehogs
  • The ‘Living’ Green Man - Walk on the Wildside
  • Freebie Days Again?
  • Teabooks
  • Making a Will?
  • Missed Bin Collections
  • How we Hope to Save on our Energy Bills and do a bit for the Planet
  • Saving Water and Electricity
  • Town Council an a New Cemetery
  • Bun Throwing in May
  • 20mph Speed Limits in Abingdon?
  • For Sale
  • Street Light Out?

Friday 9 September 2022

Friday 4 March 2022

New Highway Code Changes

Are you aware of the changes to the Highway Code that came into force on 29thJanuary?  It aims to protect cyclists and pedestrians from road accidents, and one of the major changes is the introduction of a road user hierarchy which puts pedestrians and cyclists at the top, and drivers of cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles at the bottom.  This is because pedestrians and cyclists are considered the most ‘at risk’ of being injured in a collision, whereas drivers of vehicles are considered more dangerous to other road users.  This is no doubt going to take patience and common sense from all road users to become the ‘new norm’.

Saturday 29 January 2022

Winner's of the Children's Christmas Colouring Competition 2021

We had some wonderful entries for the Children's Christmas Colouring Competition, and it was very hard to choose a winner.

The winner from the 6 and over category is Josie and the winner from the under 5 category is Joey.  Well done to you both and also well done to everybody who sent in their beautiful artwork!!

Thursday 23 September 2021

Garden Waste Service

Following the temporary disruption of the garden waste collection, the service will be starting again 4 weekly, not fortnightly, from next week ... BUT only part of Abingdon, not south Abingdon ... possibly south Abingdon will be collected in 3 weeks time, ie half of Abingdon one fortnight and the other half the next fortnight.

Letters/emails to households will be sent soon to explain more.  

Saturday 15 May 2021

Missing Cat


MISSING:  Four year old, medium-haired jet black cat named Onyx, last seen at Orpwood Way on Thursday night 13th May.  He is an indoor-only cat, and managed to escape through an open door.

Please keep an eye out for him and would be grateful if you could check your shed and / or garage.

You can contact us via our Contact Page if you see him.

Many thanks!