The next meetings will be at 8pm on Monday 8th July and 'provisionally' Tuesday 6th August at the Stonewater Common Room. All residents welcome (but please let us know ahead of the date if you're coming)!!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Neighbourhood Watch - Be on Your Guard!!!!!

A message from the Neighbourhood Watch - a resident has been informed that a group of people are targeting customers in local stores / car parks.  They are distracting couples / individuals by asking questions ie 'I am lost, can you give me directions', or 'have you seen my son'.  While you are trying to help them, an accomplice steals a handbag or part of your shopping.

Please take care and inform your friends.

Abingdon Extravaganza

This year's Christmas Extravaganza will be happening on Saturday 28th November.  There'll be dancers, singers, musicians, a fire performer, the Mayor's parade, Punch & Judy and many others with lot's of stalls selling goodies, followed by the big finale with the turning on of the Christmas lights complete with fireworks!!!

For more information click on the link below: